About DPVR

DPVR is dedicated to an ecosystem which takes hardware as the core and integrates industrial resources of games, films & videos, live show, education & training, tourism, simulation practice, conference, marketing, real estate, health care, public welfare, etc. So far, DPVR has reached in-depth cooperation with many well-known companies including ARM, AMD, Dell, Google, Lenovo, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung and Microsoft.
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According to 2016 Market Analysis Report of China's Virtual Reality Industry issued by global research institute Canalys, DPVR (including Standalone Mobile VR and PC-Tethered Headset) accounted for the largest market share among all VR brands in mainland China.
Any great invention originates from a vision. VR is just that kind of technology which breaks spatiotemporal boundaries and immerses you personally in imaginations. DPVR is making efforts to transform your life with VR and bring you the enjoyment of fantastic experience from VR.


DPVR Standalone Mobile VR M2 Release Conference, March 24th ,2016.
Dennis Laudick, Senior VP of ARM, introduced the cooperation with DPVR.
In July 2016, DPVR CEO Sunny Chen and CTO Tiehan Lv were invited to visit Samsung Semiconductor by its President Dr.Kinam Kim, and held a business talk with Samsung.
August 2016, Palmer Luckey, the former founder of Oculus, after trying DPVR headset, said the product was great with high clarity and strong illusion of immersion.


March 6th, 2017, DPVR and Dell signed strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing.
June 2017, DPVR joined China Mobile 5G Innovation Center and opened the 5G+VR new vision by joining hands with telecom operators.
October 2017, DPVR and Huawei jointly set up the VR OpenLab to promote the commercialization of CloudVR applications.