Insight: How Veative uses virtual reality for training and education

Veative DPVR-Virtual-Reality-Headset-being-used-for-Education-and-training-India-VeativeLabs-for-STEM-Education-in-classroom
Veative uses virtual reality to provide training and education to schools, universities, corporations & businesses

Virtual reality for education, training and enterprise


Veative develops immersive technology solutions that have an incredible ability to educate, train, and solve real-world problems. This can help improve the performance of individuals to improve the grasp of technically-challenging concepts, enabling them to work better, smarter or safer.

Their virtual reality technology is used by educational institutions, corporate enterprises and companies to train or educate people. This includes helping people learn about new topics like body parts or even for OH&S training for airline staff.

I am continually amazed at the new ideas Veative comes up with to apply virtual reality technology. They are able to come up with solutions for the use of VR in so many different applications.

Veative uses DPVR headsets and we help them brand our hardware so they can present a completely branded solution to their clients.

Derek Liu - Vice President Worldwide Sales and Marketing

Virtual reality to learn about biology

Veative creates educational software for schools and universities that can cover a very wide range of topics including biology. Using VR to learn about the intricacies of the world around us, at a biological level, is now something all students can have access to in an immersive, interactive way.

You can do things like entering into a plant, become a part of an ecosystem, and feel a connection with the smallest particles that make up the basis of life from genes to proteins, or cells to protoplasm. Veative creates content that can be used in an immersive way using DPVR headsets to bring this to life, much better than a textbook.

Virtual reality for OH&S training

One of the hardest challenges for large corporations, enterprise businesses or global brands is to provide effective training for all the employees, especially if they spread across multiple countries.

The benefit of VR software is that it can be accessed from practically any location around the world & distributed quickly. This makes it easy to train large groups of people quickly and regularly. This could be done to teach new processes, launch new products & provide OH&S training.

The types of uses are almost unlimited and only restricted by the imagination of the company involved. The immersive nature of using virtual reality means that content is retained at high rates than normal powerpoint presentations or printed manuals.

Virtual reality training for groups

All of this technology can be used to train and educate groups. With such a wide range of VR content available it can suit kindergartens, universities or corporations equally because the delivery can be customised to suit any application.

The delivery method can be set up to operate off individual computers used by each individual or through DPVR’s Starlink system that can share content for 30 or so participants.


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